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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Onoja Takes Over From Achuba As Deputy Governor of Kogi

October 19, 2019 0
Onoja Takes Over From Achuba As Deputy Governor of Kogi

Governor Yahaya Bello's running mate in Kogi State's November 16 governorship election, Edward Onoja, will be sworn in today as the state's new Deputy Governor.

On August 26, the State Chief Judge, Justice Nasir Ajanah, set up a seven-member Judicial Panel of Enquiry to investigate charges of gross misconduct against former deputy governor Simon Achuba.

The panel's chairman, Barrister John Baiyeshea, flanked by six other panel members, delivered the report to the plenary's Speaker, Prince Matthew Kolawole.

The Speaker, Matthew Kolawole, receiving the document expressed gratitude for the appointment of demonstrated honesty men as members of the committee to the Chief Judge.

Kolawole clarified that the challenge of ensuring good governance involved collective efforts from everyone and thanked the members for the report's timely presentation.
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2020 Foreign scholarships at Tech University in Queensland, Australia

October 19, 2019 0
2020 Foreign scholarships at Tech University in Queensland, Australia
International School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honors are awarded by Queensland University of Technology to international students pursuing a university degree program.

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate

Value Of Award: $5,000

Number of Awards: Not known

Eligible Field Of Studies: Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)


    Applicants must be International students
    Applicant must be applying for and be offered a place in the Bachelor of Information 

Technology (Honours) in Semester 1, 2020 and be supervised in your honours research by an academic staff member of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School.

How To Apply: Applicants are enforced to take affirmation in the bachelor degree coursework at the Queensland University of Technology. After taking confirmation, applicants can submit the online award application form.

Visit The Official Website For More Information

Application Deadline: February 16, 2020
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Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students At University of Alabama

October 19, 2019 0
Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students At University of Alabama

Applications are currently being accepted for International Student Scholarships to be given to individuals seeking a degree program at Alabama University, USA.

The college is committed to excellence in teaching, science and service. It will play an integral role in contributing to the community, multicultural society, and customs. This will also improve the skills of students in their selected field of work.

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate

Value Of Scholarships: $8,000-$26,000

Number Of Awards: Not known


    Applicants must be International Student
    Applicants must have good academic records
    Applicants must have to enrol in an undergraduate degree program at the university.
    Applicants must accomplish the other English language requirements of the university
    Applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA, standardized test scores of ACT and SAT, also required to fulfil the other admission requirements of the university.

How To Apply: Applicants are advised to take admission in the undergraduate degree coursework at the university by filling the online application form.

Applicants must attach your copy of your passport, relevant visa and immigration documents which includes PR card, current visa, and unofficial transcript copies from every secondary school you have attended.

Visit The Official Website For More Information

Application Deadline: December 15
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Friday, 18 October 2019

9 Yahoo Guys Captured By EFCC In Fresh Raid

October 18, 2019 0
9 Yahoo Guys Captured By EFCC In Fresh Raid
On Friday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Enugu Zonal Office, arrested nine alleged cyber fraudsters along with a woman. Mexmemphis Properties and Apartments, Maryland City, Enugu detained the perpetrators of cybercrime.
The perpetrators are named Precious Ibegbulem, Michael Odishi, Ebuka Kenneth, Akabuke Beluolisa, Chibueze Ezeagwu, Nnamdi Maduekwe, Kingsley Orazulike, Uche Nwosu, among others. Linda Chidera was named as the female among them.
After an intelligence report on their lifestyle, they were charged and suspected criminal activities.
On the strength of the data, the suspects ' home was raided and arrested by the EFCC.
Things confiscated from them include mobile phones, laptop computers, two Toyota Corolla vehicles with registration number DM 722 YAB and LSR 468 FW, etc. At the conclusion of the investigation, the suspects will be charged to the court.

Source: Ladunliadinews

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Just In: Kogi State Deputy Governor Impeached

October 18, 2019 0
Just In: Kogi State Deputy Governor Impeached
The Kogi State Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba, was impeached according to The Nation.
 He was impeached by the House of Assembly shortly after receiving a report from an investigative panel set up by Nasir Ajanah, Kogi State Chief Justice.
Details  shortly........
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EFCC Set To Rehabilitate Yahoo-Yahoo Boys

October 18, 2019 0
EFCC Set To Rehabilitate Yahoo-Yahoo Boys
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission's Acting Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, says the agency aims to rehabilitate youth involved in Internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo kids.

Magu said this at the Third All Administrators National Conference of the Chartered Institute of Administration in Lagos on Thursday, while delivering a paper entitled' Strategic change management and innovation to curb corruption in Nigeria.'

According to him, in the future, Internet fraudsters might be helpful to the agency.

While talking about collaboration between the Nigerian graft agency and other nations, Magu said the EFCC had secured collaboration with member states of ECOWAS to help prosecute cross-border crimes.

He said, "If you're bringing cash from Nigeria and fleeing to Ghana, we're just going to call the men in Ghana and say,' arrange this man and keep him for me.

"The boys of Yahoo-Yahoo like to do this. But we plan to rehabilitate them because they can be useful to us in the future." Magu said that between January and September the graft agency had been able to secure 614 convictions.
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Sexually Transmitted Degrees In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions: 7 Things You Should Know

October 18, 2019 0
Sexually Transmitted Degrees In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions: 7 Things You Should Know

The word sexually transmitted degrees applies to degrees, diplomas and qualifications earned in an academic setting, not by academic or intellectual skill or capacity, but by awarding sexual favors.
Ademule David used the word for the first time in December 2012 and became popular recently after BBC's undercover story revealing some Nigerian readers.
Nigerian institutions are filled with fantastic lecturers, many of whom work extremely hard to transfer knowledge to their students under unfriendly working conditions. Unfortunately, they are also packed with sexual predators and malevolent creatures that destroy lives and destroy fate.
I've tried in this piece to capture all the issues surrounding sex for grades controversy with the expectation that society can stand up for what's right and make our institutions a place we can all be proud of.

1. The Excuse of Skimpy Dressing
Our educational system has become almost useless because sex and money have become a weapon within a system that is meant to groom individuals both in character and learning. While it is true that students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria are legends of provocative dressing, that must never be the yardstick to sexually harass and humiliate them. While not making excuses for the Unclad nonsense and nudity on our campuses, it must be said that if Western students , their South American counterparts and their lecturers can interact without molestation, especially in summer when the ladies wear little to nothing, Nigerian lecturers should not use this excuse. They can wield their moral powers by sending such crazy dressers out of class or their offices, instead of plotting to a sexual collabo.

2. Non Academic Students and Slay Queens Also Harass Lecturers
Sexual harassment on campuses is not one sided as many claim , ask any reasonable graduate of Nigerian University and he or she will tell you that Non Academic students who got into the system through “voodoo” means will always use ‘voodoo’ means to secure a degree. Slay queens with nothing but ‘akamu’ in their brains are not left out, they party all night running from one club to the other while their colleagues are taking lectures. Such fellows will be off campus often for weeks spending valuable time with yahoo boys , politicians and money bags . These class of students hound lecturers for grades with offers most cannot resist and blackmailing those who resist sex or money. When results are out they end up with an A or B, thanks to the settling schemes that has become a tradition in our institutions.

3. Course Rep Usually knows everything
The class /course representative or captain often knows more than he is ever willing to tell. Having spent more than 10 years in that role, I must assert that female students some times are the architect of their own misfortune. Many of them visit lecturers taking a course at unholy hours often alone to seek for one help or the other. During these sessions they try to use their feminine charm to form a platonic relationship with these lecturers. However, this signal is often misinterpreted by the male lecturers as a signal for a relationship often sexual and when the other party withdraws the green light and takes off often after getting what they wanted, these lecturers feel betrayed and unleash their venom either directly or through their colleagues who are also co conspirators.

4. Demons Posing as Lecturers
This category of persons are the ones that insist on seeing the pants of a female student or she will not graduate, no matter how brilliant she is. These group of lecturers have all the blackbook tactics used by lecturers of the underworld. These range from giving a student who scored distinction in a course D or E simply because she refused advances or asking a colleague to out rightly fail her. These lecturers prey on girls as young as 16, many of whom are barely the age of their children or grand children. Have you ever wondered how the exam script booklet of a student suddenly gets missing after she turned down the advances of a lecturer in another department when evidence clearly shows that she signed in and signed out of the exams and all students that took part in the exams submitted their scripts as confirmed by the examination officers?
The cabal that molest students are in different departments, they know each other and share these girls among themselves. They often protect each other and go to extreme limits to ensure that they get what they want, it does not matter how many times a girl spills over.

5. Religious cover most times used
One of the most disappointing aspects of this trend as we have seen is the use of the religious organizations to cover or commit atrocities. Persons parading as pastors, imams hide under these cloaks to destroy the lives of young people leaving them scarred for the rest of their lives, forgetting that their own children will one day pass through the four walls of institutions like theirs. This practice is more prevalent in polytechnics and colleges of education where students are lured in the name of religion and transformed into sexual slaves by their demigod pastors-lecturers, most times leaving them infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

6. The NYSC Disaster
Although this is applicable to both male and female students, it is more rampant among persons who obtained their degrees by the settling schemes in our schools. This group of people are grossly incompetent and many are either unemployable or declared incompetent by their employers after a trial period because they bypassed the necessary training and skill acquisition process during their higher institution days. At the extreme level, you will find a 2:1 graduate of English and Linguistics committing grammatical blunders and malapropisms in every sentence they utter. Some cases are so severe that they cannot even read, write or spell simple words correctly.

7. HIV /AIDS Angle
As a disease control specialist I have seen countless cases of HIV Carriers being raped by randy men lecturers and the so called men of God inclusive. One recurring decimal in all these cases is that a randy man on heat will not mind inserting his manhood into the mouth of a viper disguised as a female reproductive organ. Unfortunately, most of our schools have become brothels and centers for breeding criminals, yahoo boys and cultists.
This piece will not be complete without celebrating the intellectual capacity of the Nigerian student. History has shown that Nigerian students especially our sisters and daughters have blazed the academic trail since independence. From America to India, from the United Kingdom to Gods own country, Nigeria, the convocation of any institution is never complete without Nigerian ladies carting away awards for academic excellence. This spirit must not be destroyed on the altar of sex, money or ego.
History has shown that the Nigerian woman has contributed most when called upon for National assignment than all men combined. As a Nation, we remain eternally grateful to Professor Dora Akuyilli for saving us from menace of fake drugs , to Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh for sacrificing her life to save millions of Nigerians from Ebola, and to Ngozi Okonjo Iweala for rescuing us from the bondage of Paris Club Loan. To every Nigerian girl out there, striving legally to earn an education and make a living, your labour will not be in vain.

Oche Joseph Otorkpa is a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health UK and Author of the Unseen Terrorist
Tweets from: @ochejoseph
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Update On NYSC Error Upload List

October 18, 2019 0



Passionate Unilorites,


All graduating students are advised to download the NYSC ERROR UPLOAD LIST to confirm their status and do the necessary corrections.

Students with matriculation error should check their matriculation status on JAMB matriculation list website. After confirming the matriculation status, they'll either be directed to proceed to print their admission letter and/or JAMB results, or  would be directed to do the JAMB Regularization, after which they can then print their admission letters.

Moreover, upload errors could also be from wrong details spellings, students with errors in their details should forward the correct details to [email protected]

 DOWNLOAD LIST HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14SwHb8nuvVUfVGujAXDF4fxvdBOFH9mt/view?usp=drivesdk

Thank you!

OKOKO, Wisdom Oluwaseun
Executive President

ODEWOLE, Abdul-Jemeel Olatunde
Public Relations Officer

 Struggle to attain justice......

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Nigerians Berate FG Over Payment For National ID Card

October 16, 2019 0
Nigerians on Tuesday berated the National Identity Management Commission over its decision to charge for the replacement and renewal of the National Identity Card.

While some mocked the policy, calling it a renewal of citizenship, others wondered why the agency would issue such a directive when a majority of Nigerians had yet to get their cards.

The NIMC had on Monday via its Twitter handle @nimc_ng, stated that Nigerians who lost their ID cards would pay N5,000 to replace them, while those whose cards expired would pay N3,000 for renewal.

“The requirements include a written application with attached proof of payment receipt made through remita, bank teller, NIN slip and submit it at our office,” the agency had tweeted.

The issue became one of the most discussed topics on Twitter on Tuesday.

One Olajide Obe said, “Wait, so national ID card will be expiring too! Nah wah ooo. But will we ever collect these cards?

“I’ve enrolled since 2014. A freaking five years ago! Does it take a decade to produce a national ID card?”

Another Twitter user, Chris Olu-Crown, said he registered since 2013 and had yet to receive his as well.

A user, Samuel Mbagwe, said he believed many Nigerians had yet to get their cards because they did not pay bribes.

“November would make it four years since I went through hell to register for this ‘ticket to heaven’ at Alausa NIMC office. It’s taking eternity to produce because bribery isn’t involved. Allow bribes, and you will have it in less than 48 hours,”
 he tweeted.

“You still haven’t gotten the plastic card? Get ready to renew it immediately you get it, that’s if you get it o,” one Ayokanmi quipped.

A man with the alias, Femi Akaete Husband, described the statement by the NIMC as “highly irresponsible and insensitive; highly disgraceful and incompetent.”

He wondered how hard it could be to obtain the national card when most foreigners always had the NIMC card.

A Twitter user, Wale Adetona, said the idea of paying for the ID card was not good.

He said, “Whoever brought up this idea of renewing National ID didn’t think it through. Do US citizens renew their Social Security Number?”

Reacting to those who said they had yet to get their cards, the NIMC said it did not have the funds yet.

“Our main focus is ensuring that all Nigerians are enrolled and issued their NIN. Your NIN is the most important token of your enrollment. You will be issued your cards when funds permit,” the agency said
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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Presidency Finally React To President Buhari's Allegedly Marrying Second Wife

October 12, 2019 0

Its no more a news that a viral media post about the Nigeria President, Buhari getting set to marry the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Mrs Sadiya Umar Farouq, as the second wife was widely circulated on the social media with Facebook and Twitter users aiding its circulation.

Yesterday some online blogs or media also circulated the claim. They all claimed that a close source at the Presidential Villa disclosed to them that the marriage will take place on Friday, Today October 11, 2019.

“There are speculations that President Muhamadu Buhari is getting married to a second wife and the wedding is set to hold on Friday, October 11, 2019.

According to sources in Aso Rock, President Buhari is getting married in a very quiet ceremony to Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management on Friday,” some online media who published the news claimed.

Meanwhile, also taking about the marriage, the former Special Assistant on Social Media to the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri tweeted on Thursday night, saying that the rumour of the second wife is true, although the date of the marriage is not known yet.

“Apparently, the second wife story is true. What cant be confirmed is the date of the wedding fatiha. This man shouldn’t tempt his Creator. 

He just recovered from serious ill health and now he wants to add another yarinya! Second Term, Second Wife! Baba o! 



While trying to verify the veracity of the news, Tribune Online put a call through to the Special Adviser on media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Femi Adesina, who debunked the news, saying it was a deceptive manoeuvre by those who fabricated the news.

He disclosed to Tribune Online that the news was far from the truth and that no such marriage is taking place at the Presidential Villa on Friday.

Also, a top Aso Rock source spoke with Tribune Online on phone Friday morning that there was no wedding taking place at the Presidential Villa, neither was there any wedding preparation in Ask Rock for President Buhari.

He said the news circulating round the social media was entirely false.

“How will anyone expect that the President will be getting married and it will be a secret affair?

“Nigerians like to gist and play banters, as it is another way of relaxation for many, and they have seen the president as a personality that suits their side talks.  It is bad, but that is what happens.

We can’t expect us to be as many as this in Nigeria interns of population, with some oppositions against the President and we won’t expect things like this not to happen.

“However, the news of the President getting married today is a false,” the source who won’t want his name mentioned for security reasons said.

Tribune Online finding also shows that the said bride, Sadiya Umar Farouq is currently out of the country and presently at the 70th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme going on in Geneva that is being organised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which she also tweetedabout.


FALSE, there is no evidence to support the claim that the President is marrying a second wife.

However, while we could not gather whether the President is marrying another wife in future, it has been confirmed that no marriage is taking place at the Presidential Villa on Friday which makes the claim of President Buhari marrying a second wife on Friday FALSE.
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#SexForGrade: Lady Shares WhatsApp Conversation With Lecturer Who Failed Her

October 12, 2019 0

Nigerian woman well known as Busayo has shared a whatsapp conversation she had with her lecturer yesterday.

Busayo who identified the lecturer as Mr. Abdul, said he failed her in his course, after she refused to sleep with him.

The conversation clearly shows the lecturer trying to ‘beg for forgiveness’ from Busayo, but she was having none of it.

Busayo in the conversation called the lecturer unprintable names, apparently, she’s still angered by the treatment Mr. Abdul meted on her.

“I really don’t think you deserve all this. 

Stop being like this. Seeing you is for just to beg for your forgiveness. 

Not good to sound this way”, reads a message Mr. Adbul sent to her.

Many people have argued that the story is incomplete, accusing the woman of intentionally removing the main ingredients in the chat.

Netizens are saying, she probably slept with the lecturer, and he still failed her which could be the reason for her anger.

Someone on Twitter stated, 

“If he truly failed you, I don’t think the lecturer will have the confidence to still buzz you and ask to see you tomorrow”

See screenshots of the Whatsapp conversation below:


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Friday, 11 October 2019

Revealing Documentary Prompts Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill in Nigeria

October 11, 2019 0
The Nigerian senate is trying to crack down on sexual harassment in universities following a revealing documentary.

A bill introduced on Wednesday would make it illegal for professors to make any sexual advances toward students. Under the law, teaching staff could face up to 14 years in jail for having sexual relationships with their students.

The bill proposal comes after the premiere of Sex for Grades, an hour-long BBC documentary that exposes alleged sexual misconduct by professors in Nigeria and Ghana.

Sex for Grades showed footage of alleged sexual misconduct by staff at the University of Lagos and University of Ghana. Six professors featured in the documentary were suspended as a result, but they have all denied the allegations.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege said he regarded sexual harassment in universities as unacceptable, according to the BBC.

Originally introduced in 2016, the bill received criticism and didn’t pass because it did not cover sexual harassment in the workplace. It also included defense for consent, which would allow perpetrators to claim innocence if the victim consented to the advances. The defense for consent has been removed from the latest version of the bill.

It is estimated that 80% of Nigerian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment. But most sexual violence cases go unreported in the country, largely due to the victim’s fear of being stigmatized or blamed. In Ghana, studies found that 14% of girls are victims of sexual abuse and 52% have experienced violence.

Surviving rape, coercion, discrimination, and other types of abuse affects girls’ enrollment, lowers their participation and achievements, and increases absenteeism and dropout rates.

The anti-sexual harassment bill could help an entire generation of girls and women receive a quality education and reach their full potential.

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MP4: DOWNLOAD - The Lion King (2019)

October 11, 2019 0
MP4: DOWNLOAD - The Lion King (2019)

1994's energized The Lion King stays one of Disney's most cherished motion pictures, adored by ages of kids and grown-ups for its spectacular story, delightful characters and essential melodies. It's one of the studio's absolute best movies, so appears something of an odd decision for a 21stcentury update, particularly as it has just been adjusted into an honor winning stage melodic and spun off into a TV arrangement and directly to-DVD spin-offs. Most likely Disney has profited from the story of a cuddly lion offspring as of now? 

Clearly not, as now the story has been refreshed – as Dumbo, Cinderella, Aladdin and different works of art have previously – into a 'live activity' film. But it's not so much cutting edge – in spite of the fact that the lions, giraffes, hyenas and different mammoths look genuine rushing through the African fields, both the creatures and the areas were really made by PC, making this (actually) similarly as vivified as the first. 

In any case, one of the issues of making these creatures look so exact – and they do, simply look at how Mufasa's mane moves in the breeze as it is entrancing – is that it additionally implies they look odd when their mouths move to 'talk' and 'sing'. We're utilized to animation creatures suddenly starting to sing yet it's emphatically odd when a creature that appears as though it could have you for its supper starts singing 'Hakuna Matata'. 

Is The Lion King 2019 reasonable for children? Here are our folks' notes... 

If it's not too much trouble note – as referenced over, the creatures look exceptionally similar in this motion picture so the scariest scenes from the vivified motion picture currently appears to be considerably all the more alarming as they are sensible. 

There are some extreme scenes that may disturb more youthful kids, particularly as the creatures look so similar, including: 

Youthful watchers might be terrified by the hyenas, particularly when they encompass Simba and Nala, and furthermore be alarmed by the offspring's visit to the elephant burial ground. 

The furious fight among Simba and Scar close to the finish of the motion picture, where a great part of the zone is ablaze, might be unreasonably serious for extremely youthful watchers. 

The rush is additionally serious and the outcome (the passing of Mufasa) might be irritating for kids. 

Kids who don't care for bugs may not appreciate the scenes where Simba figures out how to eat different grubs and dreadful little creatures.

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Nigeria Navy Releases Names Of Successful Candidates Online (Check)

October 11, 2019 0
Nigeria Navy Releases Names Of Successful Candidates Online (Check)
In the 2019 recruitment interview held in Lagos between 29 July and 27 August, the Nigerian Navy released the list of successful candidates.

This was announced in a statement on Thursday in Abuja by Navy Information Director Commodore Suleman Dahun, adding that the list could be accessed online at www.joinnigeriannavy.com

Dahun said the successful candidates at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Onne, Port Harcourt, Rivers, will register for training in two batches. He added that on Oct. 18, NNBTS Batch 29 A will arrive, while on May 8, 2020, NNBTS Batch 29 B will report to base.

With two navy blue PT trousers, two white round neck shirts, a pair of white canvas and a pair of brown canvas, he instructed the shortlisted candidates to report to camp.

He listed other things like; two pairs of black pants, two long white sleeve shirts, two black ties, a pair of black shoes, and three pairs of long white socks.

"Candidates will also come along with a pair of national suits, credentials originals and photocopies, BVN printing out and a selection of cutlery," he said. He warned that candidates that would not be allowed into the training premises to return four days after the dates indicated.

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9th Assembly To Put Schools On Their Toes Over S*x For Grades Scandals

October 11, 2019 0
9th Assembly To Put Schools On Their Toes Over S*x For Grades Scandals

NAN reports that a member of the House of Reps, Babajimi Benson (APC-Lagos), says the 9th National Assembly is in a position to put school administrators on their toes to monitor sexual harassment in schools.

Benson made this known on Thursday in Abuja at a news conference after the house honored the country's best teachers.

He said it was very unfortunate the BBC report on s*x for grades alleging that Nigerian teachers harassed students.

According to the lawmaker, the school involved in the scandal has commenced disciplinary actions against the teachers.

“Our job is to provide oversight and budgetary allocation, we promise to do that effectively in the 9th Assembly and also put the school administrators on their toes.

“The 9th Assembly takes education very seriously,”
 he said.
The BBC had on Monday released a video clip indicting a University of Lagos lecturer soliciting for sex from a female student in return for good grades.

The outrage over the alleged sex-for-grades scandal pushed the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to call for an investigation and sanctions on the lecturer in order to sanitise the system.
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President Buhari Allegedly Taking A Second Wife Today

October 11, 2019 0

There has been reports that President Buhari will be taking a new wife today.

According to the media reports, 'President Buhari will be getting married in a very quiet ceremony to Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management today and will confirm the suspicions of concerned Nigerians over the whereabouts of Aisha Buhari'.

It was also alleged that the first Lady Aisha Buhari arrives Nigeria ahead of her hubby, President Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged second wedding and  was prevented from entering her section in the Villa.

Source: Ladunliadinews 
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MP4: Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1

October 11, 2019 0

The Batwoman season 1 debut has now affirmed that the Joker exists in the Arrowverse also. Truth be told, it appears the Clown Prince of Crime is engaged with Kate Kane's changed root story; Kate's mom and sister were apparently executed in a fender bender that was activated by the Joker. 

Batman's consideration was isolated between sparing the regular citizens and getting the Joker; he thought he'd accomplished both by hooking the vehicle conveying the Kane family, and took off in quest for his foe. Sadly, he'd neglected to factor in terrible building, and the vehicle dropped into the waterway. 

It bodes well for the Joker to exist as a feature of the Arrowverse; Harley Quinn was referenced in several scenes of Arrow, and it's truly difficult to envision a situation where Harley exists however the Joker doesn't. 

In any case, notwithstanding affirming the Joker's presence, this flashback uncovers the idea of the dynamic among Batman and the Arrowverse's Joker. Batman was seeking after the Joker back when Kate Kane was as yet a youngster, which means both he and the Joker have been dynamic in Gotham for over 10 years. The Arrowverse's Batman, at that point, is a gifted and experienced vigilante, who ensured Gotham for a considerable length of time before his ongoing strange vanishing.

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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Teachers To Get 1GIG Of Data - Education Minister

October 10, 2019 0

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu has stated that public schools teachers would be given 1GB (Gigabyte) data free to enable them to access and browse the internet always.

Speaking at the occasion marking the World Teachers Day Celebration on Saturday in Abuja the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, who represented the Minister of Education said the ministry was working with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and other stakeholders to provide at least 1GB of data free to each public school teacher to browse the internet in order obtain materials for education of pupils and students.

He said that government was also working to obtain life insurance policy for all public school teachers and that families of all insured teachers would be given benefits upon the death of the holder. 

The benefits are: N1 million for male teachers, N1.2 million for female teachers while science teachers would get N1.5 million, he said.

Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami who represented President Muhammadu Buhari, said the theme of this year’s celebration, ‘Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession,’ highlighted the need for attracting and keeping the brightest minds and young talents in the teaching profession.

He said that teachers are paramount in the educational development of the nation and promised that the federal government will partner with the state government to achieve quality education for Nigeria schools.
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Girls With Many S*x Partners Is At Risk Of Contacting This Deadly Disease, Be Warned!!! (Check Out)

October 10, 2019 0
Abused woman

An Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Adetola Olatunji, has warned girls and ladies to shun early sexual intercourse and having multiple sex partners to avert the risks of developing deadly cervical cancer, according to a report by TheNation.
Adetola said the cancer of the cervix is common and sexually transmitted, explaining that it is caused by a microorganism called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
The Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, who made this known yesterday at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago – Iwoye, added that HPV has been implicated in “about 99% of cases of cancer of the cervix.”
Delivering the institution’s 91st inaugural lecture titled; “Female Reproductive Structure and Function: Bane of Women in the Developing Countries,” he said immunisation against the virus before the female genital tract is exposed to it could prevent the development of cervical cancer.
Citing WHO recommendation, he said boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 12 years should be vaccinated against the virus before they start having sexual contact which would expose them to the HPV infection and subsequent transmission to the female genital tract by the male
Adetola also advised ladies and women to go for early detection check through “cervical screening” as another way of preventing the development of the deadly cancer of the cervix..
According to him, “cervical screening” is quite cheap as such screening cost only N500 at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital(OOUTH), Sagamu.
He lamented that despite being preventable, cases of cervical cancer in Nigeria are presented for treatment in advanced stages when little success could be achieved.
He also advised women with uterine fibroids to seek proper treatment from experts and desist from living under the illusion that there is a remedy that could make fibroid pass out like faeces through the anus.
He said there is no iota of truth to that, adding that given how uterus with fibroid looks like and nodules excised from it at surgery, one should wonder if fibroid could be passed out from the anus as believed by women.
He also advised that the definitive treatment of uterine fibroids is by surgical removal of the fibroid nodules – myomectomy for young ones that still need to have babies or outright removal of the whole uterus (hysterectomy) in women that have concluded child bearing.
On reproductive failures, Adetola identified blockage of the fallopian tubes and failure to ovulate as the major causes of infertility in women while in men, it could be caused by inadequate or absence of spermatozoa in semen.
He noted that unsafe abortion and sexually transmitted infections are the common predispositions to tubal blockage in women and advised infertile couples to seek professional help for solutions to their problems.
According to him, if “women are well educated on the importance of hospital care at all tomes, adequate facilities are made available for obstetric surveillance and care and the diseases that affect the structures that bear forth the children can both be prevented or cured when presented to the Gynaecologist at a very early stage, the reproductive structure will be well protected in a healthy state and pregnancy will be something to be looked forward to with no or minimal discomfort.”
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