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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Kwara Walk For Life (Suicide Is Not An Option ) A Programme Of Young Future Builders Initiatives (Photos And Video)

The “WALK FOR LIFE – SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION” program was organised by Mr. Mohammed Ayodele Ataba a.ka. babaslum under the auspice of the Young Future Builders Initiative, whose major aim is to effect societal change, make a difference, give hope to the hopeless and to do all they can to make the world a better place.
By 8:00am a number of volunteers with every shade of black were on ground at the Unilorin Bus Terminus which was the convergence point for the walk which started at around 9:10am had about 70 volunteers and team members with banners raised high in the sky accompanied with chants like “suicide is not an option”, “say no to suicide”, “say yes to life”, “a problem shared is solved”, when there is life there is hope”, “what do we say to the god of suicide- not today, not tomorrow, not ever”. The walk was not just a trek, team members and volunteers alike met with people on the street to speak to them one-on one, to encourage, inspire and instruct them.
DaOptimistic gathered that different media houses sent representatives to cover the program (African Independent Television (AIT), Kwara, Nigeria Television n Authority (NTA), Kwara)
The program was inspired due to the sudden rise in the number of people committing suicide daily. A student here, a wife there, a child here, a teenager there, a father and no one is left out, due to one reason or the other; there was a deviation from the rope method to drinking sniper – an insecticide to achieve the same purpose death by one’s hand. It is important to note that, there are different ways of committing suicide.
Through the one on one interactive session, we gathered the following responses/information
CAUSES OF SUICIDE (suicidal thoughts)
When people feel they are not able to cope with an overwhelming situation
Sexual abuse
Relationship breakup
Prevention they say is better than cure. How can suicide be avoided/prevented
Listening, watching and encouraging – it is very important to check on friends and family, neighbours, lively people who all of a sudden became withdrawn. Be nice to people, you don’t know what they are going through. When they finally confide in you, don’t go-tell- it- on-the-mountains. If you can’t handle it, encourage them to see a counsellor or go for therapy and ensure they do.
Do not stay in isolation. Soak up the love from family and friends
At the end of the walk every one converged at the primary school, oke odo. Pictures were taken, details of every volunteer and team member also, everyone was encouraged to keep spreading the word till there is no record of suicide.
The convene, Mr Muhammed Ayodele Ataba thanked everyone for coming out in mass, questions were raised and answered.
 All glory to God for a successful walk. The change has begun.

Below are some pictures from the event

Watch the video from the event below 

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