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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Young Man Run Mad After Taken A Synthetic Weed (Video)

A young man has gone 'mad' after he was reported to have taken synthetic weed in a community in Lagos state. 
A video has emerged, showing the moment a young man identified as 'White' reportedly lost control of his senses after experimenting with synthetic weed, a strong street drug popularly known as 'Colorado' or 'Black Mamba' recently.
In the footage which was posted on the Instagram Page of an influencer known as 'Suruche' on 22nd of May, White can be seen acting out and screaming before a group of friends grabbed hold of him.
The video has caused quite a stir on social media as many users wonder why he would take what is too string for him.
It is not known if he has recovered just yet .
Watch the young man's video below:

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