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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Raping!!! Blame Yourself.

By: Jimoh Azeez D.

Raping!!! Blame Yourself.

It is no longer news or an issue, in this age of ours, the age of Iphone, computer, Feminism, open sex movie, the civilisation, that a male or female individual has sexual intercourse with a female or male individual either young or old, without her consent or with unclear consent. Using subjective judgment, many individuals believe that this is an odium and ordeal happenings and it has became inescapable information that is always found every day on media. Now our focus is on the count not on the circumstances. You will hear people saying “the number of raping in a particular country is lower than  the other” why not “the measures for solution to raping has reduced...". Rational Concerns, as regard this Issue, is the fact that people are not questioningly the logical reality of the situation. The position to determine, if the circumstance was really an ordeal or calamity.
A non governmental organisation in Nigeria, Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), disclosed that the country records 10,000 of rape issue concerning the females, daily. Therefore, It is well known that, highly significant proportion of the happenings affect the female. Most time when people fall victim, psycologically, they feel disgusted, cheated, and molested. Physically, some got beaten resulting to broken bone or bruise while Medically, it lead to unwanted pregnancy, Sexual transmitted Infection or disease. This therefore, created strong hatred or fear in the female and  instigated some to commiting crime such as spontaneous murdering of the opposite sex, social immorality, suicide some even resort to lesbianism, as a result of the shame and phycological distress caused.
Though, it is known that some people in some particular country do not really give a damn (i.e. are not concerned) about the past of their spouse but in other country using Nigeria as a case study, where the definition of modesty goes a long way to defining the state of being of one at past, present and future. Therefore, giving each and everyone the task of keeping their morality and decency as it can be proudly  boast on, in the future. Such countries have thier female heavily pressed with the issue and bear an incurable brunt. Even some have to keep this battering event with them and make the miscreant scape through. This is mostly seen in many of the Africa and the Asia country. In other words, it is important that people, especially the female get some facts into their head, the fact that there is difference between Civilization and Culture. Why? Because, the elements that upshoot the situation, outpour from what differentiate the culture of different people in different countries.
The most frustrating psychological disappointment exhibited by people is their judgement and position on what to be done to cub the situation. Most belief on sactioning, imprisonment, some even go to the extent of positing that making abortion legal or permissive and encouraged, will solve the situation. This mindset keep the issue growing egregiously. Now the defence of a ladies from such situation is then "If you rape me, you will be imprisoned for at most greater than or less than 13 years just like  Parizian Calin who was sentence to imprisonment  for 13 years for raping recently on 24 September 2019 (Metro.co.uk)" or "if you rape me I will abort the pregnancy resulting". Does this really make sense?.
Going by the reality of this situation a fruitful solution can be made. The fact that the urge that instigated raping is natural with almost every living human being either male or female. While the action is perpetrated with power. Power, such as physical, economical, Social, Political, academical etc. All this are used in taking advantage of others.. Using management by exception principle, the primary power used is the force, the physical power. Unfortunate, the feminism movement was not playing a role here. The similitude of this issue is the scenario of two countries  proposing to resort to war, while the stronger country is being supplied with weapon by the weak country, sequel to the fact that, the weak country has the inability to utilize the weapon as the stronger country. Then the two country were given the choice that the weak country should stop supplying the strong country. In regard to this, shouldn't the weak country comply with the term of resolution.
In other words, the urge that instigate raping is just the same as the urge that is needed for legal marital sexual intercourse and this urge may be induce at any time. Since, this urge can not be killed then, is it not ideal that the urge is control by reducing the weapon that promote and gear up the urge to an unbearable level. Then, what is the weapon?. Undeniably, it is the naked of either the male or the female. When the urge is in contact with the element that is needed to quench it, it became  stronger and may be uncontrollable for the opposite sex. In other words, when a particular sex with the urge for sex, met the opposite sex, Naked, then, their is a high probability of raping, if such individual has the inability to control himself or herself and has the physical power to force the opposite sex. Nakedness, does not  mean the bare fleshy private part or other part of the body but the real nakedness by the real definition. The exposition of what shoots the opposite sex mind to having sex. The shape, the vissibility of the body, the  seductive elements usable. With this, covered and dignified through enclosure, the natural urge will be at a reasonable extent surpressed and the opposite sex will have the ability to focus on something else. If then a miscreant is found then a grievous and scary sanction that is visible, i.e seen by people, should be made to create fear and shear away other from the crime, not this imprisonment of a thing. Even, due to the fact that the life imprisonment does not pose any visual fear to the people, it make no difference in cubing the situation, because people are not scare of the word "LIFE IMPRISONMENT".
It is true that many religion principle laid down, give a cure of this like to the situation, such religion such as Islam (Quaranic chapter of light (Suratul Nuur)), Christianity (1peter 3:3-6), Jew (Law of Moses (Thou shall not commit adultery) etc. In other words it is ideal to stay by the impeccable devine cure and stop mixing civilisation with culture. In short, the odium situation is an ordeal for those who dress to attract the opposite sex, thinking that they have the right to dress anyhow but causing the opposite sex, a psychological sexual problem that make them fall victim of the crime. Therefore, if you are a victim or a miscreantsl, guilty of the felony, then blame yourself !!!.

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