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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Confusion Transmission

Confusion Transmission


We live in a paradoxical world;
As the wealthy take from the poor,
The poor deceive the ignorant,
The ignorant believe in their folly,
The fools take pride in their foolishness,
Until it gets to the third person.

We breathe an air of pretense,
A cordiality that chokes our windpipes,
Intimacy of lust and fake love,
Religion of mere spirituality,
Free salvation now up for auction,
Still, we blame the third person.

We laugh at our child's innocence -
"How charming", we would say,
Yet slander the other man's child,
A tyre round his neck before saying Jack Robinson,
Pronounce him guilty before a trial,
"People are wicked", we yet say.

It's an apprehensive transition,
I mean... this trending transmission -
Which already has an effect on the Nigeria nation,
A sheer confusion on our generation,
Poor educational system, dwindling living condition,
Not forgetting the worldwide renowned Greencard humiliation.

We are all culpable,
So don't blame the third person.
First remove the moth in your eye,
Then inform countrymen of the beam in theirs.
Before we are blinded by this confusion,
Before it is transmitted to another blind generation.

Written by Jonathan Ukor
Contact: 09027457661, [email protected]

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