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Friday, 4 October 2019

Happiness, The Hope Of Living (Chealin)

Happiness, The Hope Of Living

Happiness, The Hope Of Living: Rachael Owoeye (Chealin) 

Thrown in poverty,
Struggles everyday for what we may eat
With hopes of surviving life's threat
With tears dropping from our prematured offsprings
From mountains down to springs
We work day and night
Not minding the conditions we are thrown in
That our offsprings may live this life of emptiness
Without much struggles .

Just when we try to give up
We are reminded of a man called Happiness
He comforts us and wipe away our tears
So this man renders our bad thoughts worthless
And We gain the confidence to defeat our fears

Happiness comes knocking
Why wouldn't we let it in?
When it's free as they say
Whenever we think of the grin on our little offsprings face,
We feel like all struggles are over
So we try hard to move in the right space
Well i know happiness has conquered my fears!
Written by: Racheal owoeye   (Chealin) 

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