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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Letter To My Father Land - ABDULAZEEZ Abdulateef Eagle

Dear Fatherland,
I decided not to over hype you as you celebrate another year of Independence but nevertheless I joined my co-patriots to wish you happy fifty-nineth Independence day celebration and I wish hope this letter gets to your end.
Nigeria! I learnt about some group of young, courageous and promising individuals who fought for your independence, the likes Anthony Enahoro, Great Zik, Awo, Sardauna and others. They were said to be full of diversity but used it to achieve a common goal. Their ethnic group, belief and political ideology differs  but they fought collectively to free you from the whites. Why do you blindly open your eyes when things started falling apart.  The new generation you home are now brain-washed by hate, religion and ethnicity.
I'm not even sure this letter will be got across to you, but let me still made it known to you that in your land we can't move freely in day not to talk at night. You citizen can't travel to his neighborhood with his  heart being at stable equilibrium state. Insurgency in the North, kidnapping and bandits in the southern part. We sleep with one eye opens. It's pertinent to mention that the ones that swear under the oath to protect the citizens are also killing them, citizen can't voice out their grievance,  you must not dress nice, owning expensive gadgets is now a crime
In addition, I must mention that those at the helm of affairs are set of self-centered and greedy individuals. Their non challant attitudes to issues is liable of pushing citizens to depression or maybe they are trying, it's feathers that make their sweat unnoticed. I have to let you know how the struggle of implementing the minimum wage is, the files have been lying on some tables for several months and some sets of officials are considering fifty million naira luxurious cars. Value Added Tax are to inflated on the masses when their allowances are hidden.
Furthermore, Mr Celebrant, you must have heard or feel the breeze of that fire that has eaten deep the soul and body of Nigerians. Corruption is the parallax that block our vision. The government and the governed, teachers and students, parents and children, leaders and followers are guilty. When it favors us we rebrand it as connection otherwise we call the real name, corruption has made our land infertile  and all milks are siphoned.
Lastly, putting this together wasn't hard as the thought of getting it across to you. I don't know your present location. In the lieu, I've burn a copy and pour the ashes in the river in my yard, Ashes of another burnt copy was made to excape with the air, I've buried one in the palace square and lastly is this one I put here. If you see this union not working out, I advised you to facilitate a conference to bid each other farewell.

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