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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Akudaya (Reincarnation): I Think I Saw My Friend- A True Life Story

Sometimes last year, I woke up to the announcement of the whereabouts of at a time close good friend of mine during the secondary school days.

He was declared missing when he left his rented apartment with his pregnant girlfriend and was not seen for weeks, which was so unsual of him. After all efforts to get him proved abortive, the parents visited the police station and all popular media places in Lagos and Ogun axis as he was then in his penultimate year as a student of the department of computer science at Olabisi Onabanjo University OOU.

After weeks of search, he was later discovered to have been matcheted to death alongside his pregnant girlfriend by some suspected cultist around that axis on the premise of non patronage of them by him.

Traditionally or let me say "Yorubatically", the death of a young person whether natural or circumstancial are considered "Oku Ofo" (An unexpected death often circumstancial) in Yoruba Land and considered an "akudaya" (possible reincarnation at a far away distance not close to where they are known).

Sometimes around late last year, I was passing through the road which linked faculty of Arts and Social sciences at the University of Ilorin to see a friend of mine and I saw my dead friend talking to some girls. While alive, he was an handsome sexy looking original yoruba demon, I tried to believe he wasn't the one and walked away from the spot clearing the image from my mind and replacing it with a lookalike of him. I forced myself to believe that though.

On the 20th of December, a week which marked the beginning of the school December break, I slept over in school to roundup my assignment as I have planned to travel down to Lagos the next day which happened to be a Saturday. Around 1pm, I decided to get something to eat at the walkway but couldn't, so, I turned to get it at the student affairs ground.

I was able to get bread and yoghurt at the stall, on my way back to the class at the faculty of Environmental Sciences, I saw my dead friend at the back of the SAU, Oriade! I shouted, he wasn't answering and I decided to go and meet him, within a twinkle of an eye, he vanished into the thin air and was not seen again. I was so scared that I had to sit down at the stall all nights with my bread and yoghurt, I couldn't return back to the studio to continue my reading for fear of sudden appearance of my friend Oriade.

Upto this moment, I am yet to see him reappear again, maybe he choosed to visit Unilorin because he thinks no one will see him, but here I am seeing him.

Dear You, Yes you, If you see any tall 5'6, Fair, dark haired, slim and sexy guy bearing Oriade or Adebisi, That's my dead friend talking to you.

Adieu Oriade Adebisi.

Written By
'Lekan Uthman Bagbansoro.
[email protected]

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