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Monday, 13 January 2020

Nigerians Spent N7bn On Movies In Cinemas By In 2019

Nigerians Spent N7bn  On Movies In Cinemas By In 2019

According to data provided by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), Nigerians spent nearly N7 billion watching movies in the cinemas in 2019, with November and December being the highest grossing months, with a total box office taking of N2 billion.

The year opened at the top three of the list with' Aquaman,'' Boss Daddy' and' Up North,' with total cumulative earnings of N168.2 million.

For February, earnings remained low, making it the lowest grossing month with an overall N291.8 million.

Through March, ratings gradually picked up, and earnings nearly doubled from February's, resulting in a total of N434.4 m.

April earnings climbed to N342.4 million in its final week from N187 million Naira in its third week.'

The month ended with N734.1 million estimated total earnings due to a major boost from the' Endgame' of Disney.

In May, earnings similar to the one experienced in February were massively dipping. It's earned a total of N367.4 million with' Endgame,'' The Intruder' and' Longshot.'

June opened with N161 million but closed with N100.6 million leading to N576.3 million in total earnings.
In July ' Bling Lagosians' was the highest-grossing film for the period. In June, the film grossed the highest revenue in cinemas. The film was receiving N37.4million in the first week of July.

Bling Lagosians' settled at number 20 for the last weekend in August with' Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' battling to number 19. The Set Up' had sunk to number 5.

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