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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Buhari To NASS - Nigerians Says You Are Over-Paid

Buhari To NASS - Nigerians Says You Are Over-Paid

President Muhammadu Buhari told National Assembly members yesterday that the opinion of the public about them is negative.

The president said Nigerians saw the politicians as people who were getting too much money to do little job. He spoke at the National Assembly while the House of Representatives launched the Green Chamber Magazine.

Buhari, portrayed by information and culture minister Lai Mohammed, said the magazine's launch would shift people's perception of the National Assembly.

"Hitherto, the public perception of the National Assembly is that of a bicameral legislature where too relaxed and overpaid members are merely placing money notes in their pockets for little work done.

“This wrong perception has resulted partly from the lack of understanding of the enormous work of lawmakers, especially outside the glare of television cameras,” he said.

He said the magazine would give the public access to accurate information that would polish the house's reputation and highlight the great work that was done by the members.

“Including the enormous work that goes into the passage of a bill as well as committee duties. In addition, it will help the house to tell its own story, rather than relying on others to take charge of their narrative. It is said that no one can tell your story better than you,” he said.

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