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Monday, 16 March 2020

BREAKING!!!!: SSANU U-turns, Joins ASUU In Rejecting IPPIS

BREACH!: SSANU U-turns, joins ASUU in rejecting IPPIS

The Senior Staff Association of  Nigerian Universities(SSANU) has withdrawn its support to introduce the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), a government-wide payment platform for its members across Nigerian universities.

 The workers ' union, which initially supported the initiative, said its trust in the scheme was undermined by the federal government "as expressed in the numerous irregularities noted in the payment of its members ' February salaries."

In a statement issued on Monday and signed by the spokesman of the union, Abdulsobur Salaam, SSANU stated that the implementation disregarded all the peculiarities it found before implementation, and which the office of the federation's accountant general and other implementing partners agreed to integrate.

 The statement reads in part; “Kindly recall that we keyed into the IPPIS with an understanding that all the peculiarities in the University system, particularly pertaining to our members would be adequately addressed, especially the issues of allowances, appointments, increments, third party deductions etc. Various concerns were raised and our fears were allayed through various correspondences, meetings and practical sessions where the application was displayed and all issues brought forward were addressed. It was only after exhausting all the queries and getting satisfactory answers that our union, SSANU and its JAC counterpart NASU, decided to key into the platform in the overall interest of the system and our members.

It is therefore shocking to us that our first real taste of the IPPIS application is totally different from what was presented. All the concerns raised by our unions were not implemented and disregarded. Apart from the breach of trust which has now manifested, our members across the universities are groaning from various anomalies witnessed in their salaries thereby forcing them into great hardships which they never bargained for when they keyed into the IPPIS. As a leadership, this is totally unacceptable! The recent development has once again shown, despite our attempts to test otherwise, that Government can never be trusted and as such, based on what we have been subjected to with the February salary, we do not blame our lecturer counterparts, ASUU, for resisting the IPPIS from the beginning.”

Therefore, the union has called on the government to avoid using the new platform to pay its members, and would welcome the reversal to the old platform of the Government's Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS). 
The union also cautioned against the implementation of a new model-University Transparency and Accountability System (UTAS) proposed to be incorporated into the IPPIS by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Although we document ASUU's right to reach agreement with government on this hybrid payment platform, we notice that this can only be enforced for ASUU members as it is now, and if it is to be introduced across the board, it must be implemented with the cooperation of the other university-based unions.

We will not consider any other payment platform that does not take us along after having kept in the IPPIS project and getting an unsavory first taste. Since UTAS is a general university payment network, we need to ensure that its features meet the system's non-teaching staff's particular needs and challenges. If that is not assured, the hybrid application in


Previously, the Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU) condemned the irregularities found in the February salaries of its members paid by the government, saying that the deployment of the IPPIS disregarded the peculiar allowances of its members, and in particular the Peculiar Earned Academic Allowance (PEAA). A statement signed by the president of the union, Nuhu Ogirima, stated. 

 "For the avoidance of doubt, the February salary paid by the federal government did not include the special allowances of the subsector workers, in particular the Peculiar Earned Academic Allowance (PEAA).

"And the workers on sabbatical leave are not paid either. In addition, deductions were rendered indiscriminately on all staff salaries for the National Housing Fund (NHF), a voluntary scheme that most workers did not subscribe to. 

"The union identified the development as" a significant breach of trust and therefore found the FGN tragedy unacceptable. "Accordingly, COEASU urged the government to address the problem as a matter of urgency, warning of that failure.

ASUU strike
ASUU conducted a two-week notice attack on similar issues last week. The growth, which had disrupted academic activities nationwide across many campuses, also forced many students back home.

However, the government met with the protesting union leadership with a pledge to look into its demands, in particular the incorporation of its new salary payment model into the current IPPIS. 

However, signs have shown that failure to abide by the terms of the contract agreements that lead to another round of industrial action that will shut down the university system for longer periods of time.

We’re unaware of SSANU, COEASU complaints –OAGF

Also, Henshaw Ogubike, the spokesman for the Federation's accountant general's office, said his office was unaware of the allegations from the unions.

 Therefore, Mr Ogubike demanded that our reporter give him the statements provided by the workers ' unions for further transfer to the IPPIS chief.

"Most of the time these unions simply make claims without contacting us. As I am talking to you, I am not aware of this matter, but the director will brief us for a proper response as soon as you forward it to me, "Mr. Ogubike said. 

However, he had yet to offer the office's position on the matter, as at the time of filing this paper.

Source: PremiumTimes 

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