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Friday, 20 March 2020

[MP4] Download: Baaghi 3 (2020) Bollywood Hindi Movie

[MP4] Download: Baaghi 3 (2020) Bollywood Hindi Movie
Baaghi 3

Hindi movies are becoming no-brainers. Earlier comedies followed the direction of leave-your-brains-behind and action movies now tell us to do exactly that. We were told to appreciate the pieces set for action and not consider any strand of reasoning in those transactions. Baaghi 3 adheres to the new formula, faithfully.

Imagine this— a villain (Jaideep Ahlawat) kidnaps and smuggles Indians along with their families to Syria in order to turn them into human bombs. Vijay Varma's character acts as a friend, philosopher, and guide to Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) in Syria without knowing one another beforehand. Indeed he comes to life as a genius.

The movie is greatly influenced by the Tamil hit Vettai (2012), with Madhavan and Arya in the lead. There, Madhavan played a shy police officer who has no stomach for violence but his younger brother Arya, who is a rowdy, beats up the goons and gets his brother promoted like any time. The situation is the same here.

Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh) becomes his uncle's cop, and the behest of his younger brother as their father (Jackie Shroff) was a cop too. Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) is cleaning up the town while Vikram is getting the credit. When Vikram is abducted by terrorists a routine trip to Syria involving filing paperwork goes awry.  Now Ronnie has to cross borders to rescue his brother from a crime boss who controls an entire nation.

The Vijay starrer Kaththi (2014) coin battle scene has been recreated here although it is not as successful as the original. Another scene atop a flying helicopter has Tiger battling goons. When you put the mechanics of it aside then this is certainly a first for our films.

The three helicopters chasing him spectacularly crash one over the other. Tiger standing on top of them is an picture that comes straight from a superhero film. He's as nimble and well-muscled as any actor from Hollywood playing a superhero character, and should get a call from either DC or Marvel. And when it floats through its movements it makes it seem effortless.

He still falters in emotional scenes - though the one involving his actual father Jackie Shroff does have him expressing the right emotions. Amongst all the over-the-top action, the film does try to give out the message that terrorism has nothing to do with religion. In these troubled times, we do need such positive vibes.

The film also stars Ankita Lokhande as Ronnie’s sister-in-law and Shraddha Kapoor as her sister who has hots for Ronnie. The two girls, despite the build-up about them both being fiery characters, have nothing to do really in the film.

Riteish gets to play a timid police inspector for laughs and brings all his experience of playing comic characters to make his character look appealing. But ultimately it’s Tiger Shroff’s show all the way. He slices and dices through the opposition with the finesse of a ballet dancer. He seriously needs better scripts sometimes soon to do better justice to his enormous talent...


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