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Monday, 20 April 2020

Lightning And Smoke - Lawal Mohammed

Lightning And Smoke - Lawal Mohammed
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On a dark rainy night
There was a flash, a blinding light
It appeared so quick and bright
And spread in all directions, left and right
And after it, cake a voice that roared with its might

The movements were in such a perfect sync
As though they were connected by some link
And all they did was act and didn't even have to think
The thrill it brought made one's heart sink
And not as cute as colour pink

Seconds later, it came once more
Much brighter and stretched than before
It felt as though it would tear at the Earth's core
The roar came again, stronger, and it was an ear sore
And such explicit terror it bore

The birds stopped and nested in their favorite tree
The night was dark and cold, around three
Being forced to nest, they didn't feel free
But the night was truly scary
And it gave them a cause to worry

The light came alive once again
But its course deviated from its main
But its new course would cause a great pain
The father fell as he saw his family had just been slain
Its wings couldn't move as if they were held by a chain

All he could see was the bright red flower
And the black wind that came from it
There it was, the LIGHTENING started it and the SMOKE ended It

Written By: Lawal Mohammed

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