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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

[Movie] Doctor Death (2019) Hollywood English WEB-DL MP4

[Movie] Doctor Death (2019) Hollywood English WEB-DL MP4
Doctor Death (2019)
After a skiing accident, Sarah’s life is saved thanks to a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Vincent. But when Dr. Vincent mistakes Sara’s gratitude for love, he becomes obsessed with her, determined to have her at any cost.

Universal Content Productions (UCP) has lined up three major stars for its upcoming “Dr. Death” series.

Jamie Dornan, Alec Baldwin, and Christian Slater will all star in the series, which is based on the Wondery podcast of the same name. UCP in the process of shopping the series to networks and streaming services.

“Dr. Death” is based on the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Dornan), a rising star in the Dallas medical community who was building a flourishing neurosurgery practice. But patients entered his operating room for complex but routine spinal surgeries were left permanently maimed or dead. As victims piled up, two fellow surgeons and a young Assistant District Attorney set out to stop him.

Runtime: 90 Min

Release Date: 6 December, 2019

Language: English

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Director: Rob Pallatina

Starcast: Gina Vitori, Anthony Jensen, Matthew Pohlkamp, Kate Watson, Jolene Andersen, Arie Thompson, Philip Nathaniel, Elizabeth J. Cron, Joel Berti

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