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Saturday, 18 April 2020

My Love For The Prince By Lawal Mohammed

My Love For The Prince By Lawal Muhammed
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How do I put these feelings into words with passion
My heart had always seemed to be made for fashion
But in my eyes, his arms were like a mansion
Where I would fall into with total submission
Cause his touch could make my heart forget its every function

A man filled with solitude and terror
His name was not like Jake or Trevor
It had more meaning, with a little bit of horror
And as I shared deep into my mirror
I couldn't help but smile at the truth in his terrifying rumor

He was so proud and elegant
He would trample upon his victims like a mad elephant
And his eyes were beautiful like a cursed infant
His very existence made every person pant
Oh my, his every word was like a meaningful rant

How could he be so beautiful
To not love him would be the act of a blind fool
To him, everyone was just a tool
One he could use till he was satisfied and full
Isn't that just amazing and quite wonderful

Oh my, how I wished he knew how much I loved him
More than my father who works with Mr Tim
So much light the prince had brought me by making it dim
Some would find my words to be a bit grim
While most will find it pleasing and fall deeply in love with him

Prince Loneliness in the city of unwanted feelings

Written By Lawal Mohammed

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