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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Radio, Television , Theatre And Arts Workers' Union (RATTAWU)

Radio, Television , Theatre And Arts Workers' Union (RATTAWU)
Engr. Olajide Bello 
The Southwest Zonal Council of Radio, Television, Theater and Arts Workers' Union (RATTAWU) condemns in totality the barbaric assault by a military personnel on one of its members from NTA Akure, Engr. Olajide Bello who was returning from the station where he had gone to facilitate the broadcast of a news bulletin.
Reports reaching the Union indicates that despite the fact that Mr Bello presented a valid identity card and explained the reason why he was found on the road as at that time, the officer who could not even read let alone comprehend the content of the ID card engaged the NTA Staff in a physical battery until another officer came to his rescue after ascertaining through the I.D Card that the victim was an NTA staff n official duty.
It is unfortunate that at this age time, when, all over the world, military men and women are helping civilians rise above the dangers and threats of Corvid-19 pandemic some of our uniformed men in Nigeria still take satisfaction in dehumanisation of innocent citizens.
Actions of some Military men across Nigeria still show that Nigerian military is far behind in civil relations and management of civilians in period of crisis. Such actions are doing more damage to the psyche of Nigerians who have already been brought down on their knees by the lockdown that has occasioned hunger and mass frustration across Nigeria.
RATTAWU Southwest appreciates the roles of the Army in the protection of National integrity as exemplified by their relentless fight against insurgency.

However, the military authorities are enjoined to keep within the walls of the barracks any of their officers who are not literate enough to differentiate between civilians on lawful assignments and those violating the precautionary lockdown directive of government.
RATTAWU Southwest hereby demands justice on behalf our member so brutalized.

We demand that the Military authority educate their men adequately on the importance of the media in the society and the need to also show them as much respect as they would show their men. In addition to that, the Union request an official assurance of safety and protection for our members on essential duties within the next 24 hours failure of which all our members from the zone would be withdrawn from all assignments.

Signed: Com Adebanji Adelusi

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