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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

[Series] Never Have I Ever - Season 1 (Complete Episode) MP4 Review

[Series] Never Have I Ever - Season 1 (Complete Episode) MP4 Review
Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Season 1 finale finishes strongly. By keeping things open it succeeds in securing a possible Season 2.

Devi has moved into Ben's house following the blow with her mother Nalini, as she has few choices. Ben is very optimistic about the situation but suggests apologizing for her cruel worlds to Devi.

Meanwhile, after their embrace, Paxton is distant with Devi and Devi's mother is offending him. Initially it's not perfect for Devi.

Ben takes Devi to Malibu with little time left but he is bad at driving.

When Devi arrives at the beach, she is crying to wait for her mother and cousin but they can't hear her. John McEnroe asks if she is all right out of the blue and then calls for her.

Devi runs crying to her mother asking if she had missed her. Both mother and daughter apologize for their cruel words, and express each other's affection.

This was a beautiful scene — Devi and her mother have kept their feelings inside until now, with Mohan being the unspoken word between them, yet finally being reunited for the ashes.

In Sanskrit, Devi, Nalini and Kamala chant and scatter the ashes into the sea. Devi commemorates her father's fond memories.

When Devi heads back up away from the beach, she sees Ben sleeping in the car and it suddenly dawns on her how much he cares — “You stayed”. She kisses him, and as they hook up, Paxton is ringing her and leaves a voicemail asking if they can hang out.

A true love triangle is in order for Season 2 but credit to Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling for creating a kooky coming-of-age American-Indian teen series that feels fresh and original.

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