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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Why The Wait By Lawal Mohammed

Why The Wait By Lawal Muhammed
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In a land of blessings and resources
Filled with beauty and pride from all sources
But when her people begin to gather their forces
They become quite a set of selfish bosses
And bring nothing to the land but explicit losses

A land saved by ordinary but powerful men
It wasn't an easy job and it took more than ten
They had made her strong, protector of the den
But now, she is seen as nothing but a weak hen
And I doubt if their promises are ever made with pen

A land that has gotten so religious and became blind
They now reason with their eyes and ears, and not brain and mind
To them, every situation is now a cast and bind
They forget the truth and the worse happens to their kind
But what they all seek, they shall find

A land filled with brilliance and intelligence
But the environment has made them ever more dense
Now they speak tough and act nonsense
And in the end, they are thrown way over their very own fence
And the others get more and more tense

In a land filled with blessing
In a land saved by men who gave their everything
In a land where religion now precedes every other thing
In a land where great minds are created by just living
The tools are  there but they are doing nothing but staring

Since we have the tools, then, WHY THE WAIT??
Why is the land still not progressing

Written By : Lawal Mohammed

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