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Saturday, 16 May 2020

COVID-19: They Treated My Coronavirus With Malaria Drugs - Dokpesi (Video)

COVID-19: They Treated My Coronavirus With Malaria Drugs - Dokpesi (Video)
Media billionaire Raymond Dokpesi has admitted that after testing positive for coronavirus he was diagnosed with malaria drugs.

Dokpesi, who has since recovered from the infection, asked medical experts for clarification about what form of coronavirus disease really is.

This has led to recommendations by health authorities and organizations about the use of a malaria medication Chloroquine.

The National Food, Drug Administration and Control Agency (NAFDAC) restated its warning about the drug on Thursday.

Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, NAFDAC Director-General, said: “Nobody should buy chloroquine and use. If you have COVID-19, go to a doctor. We have warned Nigerians, do not take chloroquine”.

But after he was discharged, Dokpesi, the founder of DAAR Communications, owners of African Independent Television (AIT) and RayPower FM, declared that he was confused.

He said: “I still have doubts in my mind and I need to be educated. What’s the difference between COVID-19 and malaria? Every drug we were given were malaria medications.

“A number of persons who tested positive were checked in reputable labs, hospitals in Abuja and were found to have malaria parasites in their bloodstreams. When did malaria become synonymous with COVID-19?”

For now, the only authorized treatment for the pandemic is Remdesivir.

However, Remdesivir is limited in supply, a situation that has caused countries to seek alternative antidotes.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that Madagascar must scientifically test its solution for coronavirus.

Madagascar had commenced shipment of the herbal remedy called, “COVID Organics” to African nations including Nigeria.

Last week, a team of experts announced the discovery of a mixture they said proved effective.

The combination includes two antiviral drugs and one immune system booster.
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