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Thursday, 21 May 2020

How To Add Website Or Blog Site To Opera News Feed 2020

How To Add Website Or Blog Site To Opera News Feed 2020
Opera Mini
Many bloggers/content creators are yet to know that adding their website or blog to Opera mini news feed would increase or triple their blogging success (traffic).

You may want to ask why should I add my site/blog to opera news feed?

Simple! Nowadays that getting genuine website traffic has become like climbing mount Everest, you need opera news feed.

Many online users are mindful of visiting websites they will not find value in.

Aside from that many sites with great content and value hardly find their way into where users can easily see them like on first 10 Google search page.

Needless to say no matter how beautiful the site is, rich content or loading speed if there are no visitors for some time, the site owner will soon get discouraged and give up.

Opera news feed helps your site to get steady free and genuine human traffic. So if you haven’t connected your site to Opera News feed then you are missing a great deal.

Therefore, how do you add your website to opera news to receive traffic even while you are asleep?

How to Add Your Website To Opera News Feed

1.Ensure your site is offering value by the information you pass across in your content (articles, Video or whatever content type you deal with).

Make sure your website is updated regularly to make it attractive to be on the news feed
Send a summarized and straight to the point email to opera support email social-[email protected] copying [email protected]
Lest I forget, in your email do not forget to state your domain URL you want on the opera news feed.

After receiving your email, the Opera news team will visit your website, review the site to be sure it meets their standard.

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