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Friday, 15 May 2020

How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers

How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers
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A lot is going on in this country plus the lockdown ... that brought the hackers. To keep the away from your phone, follow these steps.

1. Updates software fixes include security updates that help protect your device from data breaches and intrusions, and close bugs, making it more difficult for hackers to break through.

When an update is announced for your smartphone’s operating system or for any of the apps you use, install it without delay.

2. Smartphones are small devices that can easily get lost or stolen, and they are constantly online sending and receiving signals, so they are always a target for criminals.

To keep your phone and its contents away from prying eyes and sticky fingers, you need to develop a strategy for protecting your valuable information. Here are some tips on how to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders.

3. Always engage a four or six-digit passcode to enter your device. Passcodes may not be super convenient, but peace of mind dictates that if your smartphone falls out of your pocket while you’re trying out new sofas at Ikea, the first person who picks it up should not be able to get your life story from your email, contacts, photos, and banking information.

Consider setting an even longer passcode with both numbers and letters. Not a big passcode fan? No worries.

Fingerprint scanning and Face ID are easy, fast alternatives to punching in numbers. While you’re at it, make sure apps with personal information are also locked behind passwords.

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