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Saturday, 16 May 2020

How To Schedule Message On Whatsapp With iOS and Android Devices

Requirements For WhatsApp Message Scheduler Both For Android And iOS Users 

The apps on how to schedule a message on WhatsApp do not seem to be available they may deliberately not add it or they just want to add it to their app later as an upgrade so it will encourage more users to get their update, users have been searching for ways to schedule a message on WhatsApp's WhatsApp message on WhatsApp but it doesn't seem to be accessible to them.

These apps are or may be available on the mod WhatsApp such as GBwhatsapp, YOwhatsapp, FMwhatsapp and more but it seems somehow that is it’s might not give you what you want and how you want it to operate or deliver your message for you, but don’t worry about that we’ve got you covered with some tricks on and to send a message later on any WhatsApp either the main WhatsApp or the WhatsApp called business WhatsApp that will be possible with the help of some app both on ios and android devices.

There are somethings we need just to make this work for us and I prefer to list it download before we go more further, also note that the trick is the latest trick that we use to schedule out a message on WhatsApp and its works for us of recent May 2020 it’s was tested on both iPhones device which support iOS and several android devices.

☀️ We make use of shortcuts apps for iOS users which can be gotten from the Apple store.

☀️ Download and install the shortcuts app for the iPhone or any other iOS users.

☀️ We make use of SKEDIT or SKEDit for android users can be gotten from play store.

☀️ Download and install the Skedit app make it’s available on your device before you go further now we move.

After you have gotten the requirement as stated above what is needed now is to just list the contact or group you want to schedule the message to and when you will like to send it to them and follow the steps below to go further let’s go.

How To Schedule A Message On Whatsapp On Your Android Device

☀️ After you have downloaded and installed the Skedit app as stated above.

☀️ Open it and switch to select which network you will like to use it for.

☀️ You have to register either through Facebook or by filling the form provided on the app for me I proceed with facebook by login in with the Facebook details.

☀️ Go ahead and select WhatsApp after that you will be asked to allow the app for some access.

☀️ Go ahead and allow the access to turn it on and go back to the app.

☀️ Then you will see the interface that will list all messenger app you have on your android device.

☀️ Select WhatsApp which is the app you want to schedule a message for.

☀️ Then you will see a page as shown below.

☀️ Firstly select the contact or group you want to send the message to or schedule the message on.

☀️ You can find it at the top of the page and implement the rest settings.

☀️ Like the time you want the message to deliver, hour, day, and date.

☀️ There is also a menu for it to prompt you whenever the action is to take off.

☀️ You can tick it if you like the procedure and select also if you want the message to repeat itself either hourly, daily, or monthly.

☀️ After doing the necessary setting and the top right of the page go ahead and tick on the mark button.

By doing all this you have successfully scheduled a message on WhatsApp to anybody you want it to send to all yours you can implement it anyhow you want.

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