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Saturday, 16 May 2020

How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Airtime

How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Airtime
To those subscribers, this post is that MTN might have unjustly deducted your money every week or day and you wonder what services you have subscribed to make this deduction routine as well.

Or maybe you are constantly getting tips on "how not to get stolen on ATM," or "how to lose stomach fat" without subscribing to it. You may also have concerns about customer service and nothing has been done about it. I'm pleased to tell you we have the answer for you.

Any time you receive any of these tips from MTN, you will receive a weekly or monthly bill for it, but this is the way out.

How to Opt-Out of MTN Value Added Services

Dial *447#, it will present you with a menu. MTN customers can manage their Value-added services from that menu. You can activate, deactivate any services from that menu.

In this case, reply with 1 to choose active services, 2 to deactivate active services.

Once deactivated, the illegal weekly airtime deduction will stop.


☀️ You can dial *123*5*1#
☀️ Reply with 1 to view active subscriptions.
☀️ Reply with a serial number of any active subscription and follow the instruction that is displayed to unsubscribe.

Once you unsubscribed, your airtime will no longer be deducted illegally for services you are not making use of.

Finally, if your SIM is still a 3G SIM, it is time to upgrade and get 10GB free data usable on all devices.

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