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Thursday, 21 May 2020

[ Music]: KLeb Shout – Abu Otito || MP3

[ Music]: KLeb Shout – Abu Otito || MP3
KLeb Shout – Abu Otito
Energetic Nigerian gospel musician KLeb Shout prophesied that everything lost would be restored in a new song tagged 'Abu Otito.'

Could restore money. You can restore the property — broken-down cars, stripped paint, old houses. One should restore relationships. Except one aspect in time which can never be restored. Time is going, and not returning. Years have passed and we will never get them back.

Who looks like for us "lost years?" Missing years (or years of locust) are years you can't get back, and in many forms, they come.

Lost years are years which are fruitless. In the years that the locusts had eaten there was a lot of hard work done.

Lost years are times of suffering. I am aware about those who lost one of their loved ones. You've had future plans, but now you're afraid the coming years may be barren. I am always aware about those who reside in the body or mind with disease. You speculated that you will still do what you used to do. You've got to find a way to deal with the frustration you can't.

But God promises the impossible: "The years the locust has eaten, I recover" (Joel 2:25). The immediate meaning of that pledge is obvious.

This song is timely, the right song in any field of life to announce restauration. The crooner Jaburata sings prayer words, optimistic remarks and words of assurance.

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