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Friday, 1 May 2020

[Series] Code 404 - Season 1 (Complete Episode) Review | MP4

[Series] Code 404 - Season 1 (Complete Episode) Review | MP4
Code 404 - Season 1
CODE 404 is Sky's new comedy series. Fans have been eager to see Graham and Mays unite in rare comedy roles since the show was initially announced.

Now, the wait is over as all of the episodes are available to watch on Sky’s streaming platform NOW TV.

They landed on the streaming service on April 29 for viewers to binge-watch. As well as this, they will be airing in a weekly slot on Sky One.

The show will be on the channel on Wednesdays at 10pm with the first episode airing tonight (April 29).

In total, the new series has six episodes for viewers to get stuck into.

Each outing lasts for half an hour and follows the duo as they attempt to find out the truth of Major’s murder.

These are all available to stream at once of NOW TV as well as airing weekly.

Speaking about the show at a recent Q&A, Graham and Mays told Express.co.uk and other media what to expect from the pair.

Mays said: “Major and Carver are your classic double act.

“We’ve got to talk about that as I’ve obviously come back and the wiring is all wrong so the comedy at times can become very slapstick so I’m the mad one and Roy is the sensible one.”

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