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Friday, 22 May 2020

[Series] The Flash Season 1 - 6 Episodes And Reviews

 [Series] The Flash Season 1 - 6 Episodes And Reviews
The Flash Season 1 - 6
What The Flash season 6 will have in store for its heroes is anyone's guess at the moment, but we do know that at least the series will incorporate some kind of lead up to and deal with the aftershocks of this year's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, which promises to shake the Arrow verse to its very heart.

No doubt life will change for Barry, particularly after an event as popular as the biggest and best crisis in DC. As some of you already know, usually a DC crisis means a Flash's about to die ...

Of course Barry isn't the Arrowverse's only speedster. There are also Nora West-Allen, daughter of Barry and Iris, also known as the XS speedster. No death would be more devastating for the Flash family than the heir to Barry's legacy. Whoever the Crisis claims (although given the recent Arrow news, we have our suspicions) it probably won't be easy to say goodbye.

Chester P. Runk is a stunning break in the past of Flash from a time I felt unreasonably neglected! Chester, or "Bit" as he was brought into the funnies first appeared in The Flash # 9 in 1989. In the early days of Wally West he was made by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice as Barry's replacement.

Those two are a stupendously overlooked creative Flash party, and over the following few long stretches of the novel, Chester became an adored supporting character. Given how much fun he's in this scene, I am sure he 's staying here, too!

-- Dr. Ramsey Rosso is a reprobate comic book, entitled Bloodwork. It was produced in 2017 by Joshua Williamson and Neil Googe.
In the event that you aren't perusing Josh Williamson's Flash funnies, you're passing up one of the best supported keeps running on the character by any essayist ever. Indeed, you read that right. Try not to trust me? Look at the unadulterated love and information of the character he puts in plain view in this meeting. Furthermore, if that doesn't persuade you, there's this one!

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