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Monday, 18 May 2020

[Series] Inhuman Resources - Season 01 (Complete Episode) MP4 And Review

[Series] Inhuman Resources - Season 01 (Complete Episode) MP4 And Review
 Inhuman Resources
Inhuman Resources - In Episode 2, follows up on Alain and Charles attempting to figure out the potential candidates, narrowing matters down to a list of names.

Information on hostage-taking can be provided by one Mr. Kaminski, ostensibly on the basis of “book research”, but for a fee.

Alain’s attempts to coax loan money out of Gregory amount to another signature Cantona headbutt – something that’s quickly becoming a running theme.

Alain instead turns to his daughter Mathilde, Gregory’s wife, and gets the money from her using the same farfetched spiel – and in quite a hurry so she doesn’t hear about the nutting before she ponies up.

None of this does Alain any favors with his wife Nicole, but no matter, since Kaminsky, suitably paid up, is able to dispense some facts about hostage-taking methods that should prove useful. More details of this ridiculous scheme are acquired by Nicole, who understandably doesn’t like the sound of it, but Alain downplays it. The job is more important, of course.

The question of whether all this is even legal looms over Inhuman Resources Episode 2. There is, as ever, a line to be drawn between illegality and ethics – something can be perfectly legal but deeply unethical, and how one weighs such things is what matters.

For instance, using personal information against the candidates during the hostage scenario, and following people around to pick up tidbits about their lives, isn’t exactly a nice thing to do. But is it illegal? More importantly, is it useful?

No and yes, respectively, which is just as well. The question is whether Alain can handle what he has to become in order to secure a position from which he can comfortably provide for the family who keep insisting that things are going too far. He’s volatile, and here he starts to realize what that volatility could cost him.

But the system is also, of course, rigged against Alain – he has virtually no chance over Constance, a candidate who is close to the boss, and was invited along purely as a tactical anti-ageism hire.

This is something he won’t stand for, so just as he’s considering packing it all in, this revelation rejuvenates him. The question now is how far Alain might go.

Inhuman Resources  

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