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Monday, 18 May 2020

[Series] Magic for Humans - Season 03 (Complete Episode) | MP4

[Series] Magic for Humans - Season 03 (Complete Episode) | MP4
 Magic for Humans
Netflix series Magic for Humans season 3 was released on the platform on May 15, 2020. When Ready Steady Cut reviewed the second season of Magic For Humans, we were impressed by the charming follow-up.

It’s safe to say that Justin Willman has pulled it off again with another enjoyable series of tricks — Magic for Humans season 3 keeps the magician on the map for further seasons.

I’ve always been fascinated with magicians; the ones who do the usual routine magic tricks with cards and flowers and those that apply showmanship to the audience, which is half of the magic.

Justin Willman is the latter; the magic does not really matter, it’s the person he is performing for. With remnants of Derren Brown, the key ingredient to Willman’s work is showmanship and suggestion.

We could write an entire thesis of how suggestion influences most of our decision but on the level of “magic”, it brings a warming human side to us all when we realize how easily influenced we can be. In the opening episode of Magic for Humans season 3, Justin Willman makes his point literally with social media influencers by inadvertently influencing them.

Justin Willman is not meant to provoke or veer on the side of controversy; his acts of magic are rooted with kindness and understanding and that’s why I think the Netflix series works rather well.

The magician enjoys people more than the product which he’s offering; he makes the experience enjoyable rather than nerve-racking but the skills are equally as impressive.

Magic for Humans season 3 shows consistency and variety in his work, which signifies why the showman has managed to secure himself a third season.

If you like magic that layers over more than one topic, then Netflix’s Magic for Humans season 3 is your go-to this weekend. Justin Willman delivers again.

Magic for Humans 

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