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Sunday, 28 June 2020

[Music]: Maa Jo – Femi Praise

Maa Jo – Femi Praise
Maa Jo – Femi Praise
Maa Jo (I'm going to dance) is a newly released spirit-born single by music minister and song writer Odeniyi Oluwafemi, better known as "Femi Praise."

Maa Jo, produced by Dr. Groove, is a follow-up track of the hit single "Bámi Sé" by Femi Praise

The silver lining in our dark cloud unexpectedly pushed itself out of the shadows, and a absolute, vibrant and transcendent ray of light shone that opened a new day, full of possibilities, materialization, hope, opportunities and smiles.

Baba God emerged miraculously after the seemingly-endless appeal of Bámi Sé, the giver of all unadulterated benefits. Where am I left to, then? Congratulations! — Feminine Praise

MÀÁ JÓ (I will Dance) is a track that will throw us into the brightness of the dawn of a new day. NOW, grab your dancing shoes and let’s dance!

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