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Friday, 26 June 2020

[Series] Dark: Season 3 – Netflix Movie Review Mp4

[Series] Dark: Season 3 – Netflix Movie Review Mp4
Dark: Season 3
DARK Season 3 is coming to Netflix and I know that a lot of us are looking forward to obtaining answers. In our analysis of this final season, we were told not to give away spoilers which is no issue for me as we never do spoilers.

Yet we do "Start Explained"-pieces. And yes, we intend to describe a Dark Season 3 ending, too.
Not giving away spoilers also ensures that this review will be rather specific and will revolve around the feeling and story overall. Also with no information given away. What I am going to show is the fact you are going to get answers.

Maybe they're not what you're hoping but it makes sense. You may not get all the answers, you want them, but surely the key ones.

This season will blow your mind

If you think Dark blew your mind with the plot developments of season 1 and 2, then that is nothing compared to what season 3 will put you through. Remember back with season 1, when there were just a few time periods and the same characters existed at different ages?! Ahh yes, those were much simpler times.

Then came season 2, which included several new time periods and more characters traveling through time at various ages. Also, we learned more about how people were related in various crazy ways. I would highly recommend going through our season 2 ending explained before getting into season 3.

Now, with season 3, things get really crazy. We found out – during the final moments of season 2 – that there is also an alternate world. Let’s call it “B World”. With season 3 of Dark, B World is also thrown into the mix which means lots of new constellations which I will not get into (because that would be a spoiler).

[Series] Dark: Season 3 – Netflix Movie Review Mp4
Dark: Season 3

Welcome to B World of Dark

What the addition of B World means for the Dark universe, is pure havoc on the mind. Very specifically, it means that the time periods and characters, you already know, still exist. Both those time traveling and the ones staying chronologically put. And now they also exist in B World.

Essentially, the number of characters has doubled. And B World is not exactly like A World, so you need to get to know these characters all over again. To a lesser degree, of course, but still.

[Series] Dark: Season 3 – Netflix Movie Review Mp4
Dark: Season 3

Watch Dark season 3 on Netflix as fast as you can!

When you watch season 3 of Dark, you really should try to binge-watch it. Both to avoid spoilers and because it requires you to constantly have everything fresh in your memory. Once you begin, you really should set time off to finish it quickly. Otherwise, you might not make it!

At first, I wasn’t too happy with this season. Don’t worry, we’re not talking the final season of Lost bad or anything. And honestly, I think the final episode really does work well. I’m okay with the answers as well.

About halfway through season 3, you’ll be okay

Everything you want to know happens during the final four episodes. The first four episodes are more for setting the stage.

A stage that has gotten extremely big and has an almost insane amount of characters. Really, I’d give it a strong 3½ stars, if we did half stars. We don’t though, and I cannot go any lower for this amazing series, so we land on 4 out of 5, but the beginning is a bit tough to get through due to memory challenges alone.

Since we did give the season 1 and season 2 a top rating of 5 out of 5, this might seem like we’re saying this final season of Dark is bad. We definitely are not. In fact, we plan on doing a series marathon and watch all three seasons again!

Pro tip: Use the Dark Fandom pages to keep track of characters – just be careful of spoilers!

Honestly, I’m just trying to prepare you for one hell of a crazy ride that does ask a lot of its viewers. And yet, I do love it! The feeling wasn’t there for me with all episodes of season 3, but the final two episodes did deliver (almost) all the answers, I could ask for.

Dark season 3 will be out on Netflix worldwide from June 27, 2020.


In the third and final season, DARK reaches its mind-bending conclusion, moving beyond the concept of space and time. Upon arrival in a new world, Jonas tries to make sense of what this rendition of Winden means for his own fate, while the ones left behind in the other world are left on a quest to break the loop that now not only bends time but also space. Two worlds. Light and dark. And in the center a tragic love story of epic proportions.

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