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How Can I Get An Electricity Cost/Bill, or Contract In Germany?

 How do electric bills work in Germany? 

 It's hard to know how important your electricity bill will be if you noway lived in Germany ahead. Fortunately, it's truly easy to calculate. 

 Single ménage, two bills 


 How To Get Electricity Bill/ Cost, Contract In Germany? 

 In Germany, you pay two energy bills. Your "warm" rent includes all heating and hot water expenses ( Warmmiete). This is the monthly rent you give to your landlord... The cost of your warm rent is shaped formerly a time. still, you will get a tab, If you use further energy. still, you will get some capitalism back, If you use lower energy 

 For everything else( appliances, lights), you must subscribe to a contract with a power company. You pay them directly for the electricity used by your fridge, washing machine, rotisserie, lights, and computer. Use Verivox or Check24 to find a power company. 

How important is the Warmmiete? 


 The warm rent( Warmmiete) includes heating, water, scrap disposal, and other goods. It usually costs between 50 and 200 euros per month. The Warmmiete is always visible when you look at apartment registries, so it's easy to estimate. In general, new apartments have better sequestration and are cheaper to toast. 

How important is the electric bill? 


 This depends on how important electricity you use, and how multitudinous people you live with. Estimates range from 1500 to 2000 kWh per person annually.

 utmost electric companies charge a base price, plus a figure per kWh. We will use Vattenfall's Easy12 Strom plan as an illustration. You pay8.80€ per month, plus0.26€ per kWh. still, you would pay 0, If you use 125 kWh per month.26 x1258.80 = 41.30€ per month. 


 Your electric bill is predicated on your estimated operation. The majority of electric businesses bill a base price and a price per kWh. At the end of the time, if you used more electricity than you paid for, you will get a tab. still, you will get some capitalism back, If you used less. 

 Also is a good amount to pay if you don't know what your consumption will be; 


 1 person ménage 40€/ month 

2 person ménage 65€/ month 


 Change electricity and gas providers every time 

 trouble Demanded 30 beats every time 


Most gas and electricity companies provide new customers a perk. Their service is less expensive initially.

After one time, the price goes up. still, it will be renewed automatically for 1 farther time, If you don't cancel your contract. still, you always get a new customer perquisite, If you switch to a new electricity provider every time. still, you will save over 100€ per time, If you do this. This is not a secret; multitudinous Germans do it1, 2. It takes lower than 30 beats to switch. 


 Use Verivox to find a cheaper electricity provider. Verivox will automatically transfer your contract to the new electricity provider. I tried it, and it works really well. Check24 has a similar service 

Each electricity provider has a different cancellation period( Kündigungsfrist). For illustration, Vattenfall has a Kündigungsfrist of 6 weeks. You must cancel your contract at least 6 weeks before it ends. still, the contract is renewed automatically for 1 time, If you don't. Put a keepsake in your schedule every time.

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